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The Beauty of Gili Laba Tourism in NTT Province

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The beauty of Gili Laba tourism spot (Picture: destinasiku.com)

LABUAN BAJO, NTTBANGKIT.com – Not only pink beach, NTT has a beautful tourism that is called Gili Laba or Gili Lawa. Gili Laba is a tourist spot in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) that can be likened to the beauty of Komodo island.

Beautiful scenery with many hills arranged neatly like in a fairy tale and a group of small islands that adorn this place makes the tourist attractions of NTT Gili Laba a place that you should not repair.

Gili Laba or Gili Lawa is a small island in the vicinity of the Komodo National Park, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This island is one of the tourist destinations that you should not visit because the natural charm offered is very amazing. This small uninhabited island offers a beautiful and fascinating panorama. The expanse of the ocean of Flores that never fades from the top of the hill becomes a magnet that never fades in memory.

On this island, your eyes will be spoiled by the exotic color of the dark blue and blue of the sea and sea areas and white sand that stretches on the coast adds to the perfection of this island. If you come in August and September, the expanse of green grass on the hills of Gili Laba will dry out and turn yellowish brown to make the resulting photo no longer need to filter again.

How beautiful the sunrise in Gili Laba (Image: pegipegi.com)

From the top of this island you can see the whole view of the Komodo Islands very clearly. The view that can be seen above the summit is a view of white sand combined with blue sea water graded in green. You can also see the hills of several islands in the Komodo Islands. The colors of the hills will differ depending on the season. In the rainy season you can see the green trees that dominate the hills and in the dry season the yellow or arid hills will dominate the view of the hills. Even so, this panorama always looks beautiful and stunning.

Along the road to the hills on Gili Laba, you will meet many climbs that will test your strength to climb to the top. Even in some climbing locations are also steep. It took an hour to conquer the peak of Gili Laba. There are no special hiking trails on this island, so you can climb from any angle. The tiredness that you have drained while climbing the peak paid off with all the beautiful scenery.

Beautiful scenery of Gili Laba (Image: kadekarini.com)

Besides trekking up the hill, here you can play water, snorkel and sunbathe. Don’t forget to bring enough food and drink. Also use safe tracking shoes or sandals. The location of Gili Laba is quite close to Komodo Island. From the island, you will only spend the trip within 1 hour. However, if from Labuan Bajo, you will spend quite a long time ie a trip for approximately 4 hours. Usually the trip to Gili Laba is one of a series of tourist destinations of the Komodo Tour that will visit several locations.

Marine tourism of Gili Laba Sea (Image: pegipegi.com)

On the sea of  Gili Laba, you can enjoy a stretch of white sand with an underwater panorama of coral reefs and colorful fish. Very good for swimming, diving or snorkeling. Meanwhile, on Gili Lawa you can enjoy the beauty of a vast stretch of savanna. During the rainy season, the savanna will turn green, while during the dry season, the savanna will turn brownish yellow. (*)

Writen by: Emild Kadju

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