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Nemberala Beach in Rote Ndao of NTT Province: a Paradise for Surfers

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The Beauty of Nemberala beach: a Paradise for Surfers

ROTE NDAO, NTTBANGKIT.com –Rote Island of East Nusa Tenggara Province, like other islands in Indonesia, has beautiful beaches. Rote is one of regency in NTT Province. When coming to the southernmost island of the Republic of Indonesia, which borders Australian waters, visiting the charming beaches of Rote Island is not to be missed. One of the beautiful beaches in Rote Island is Nemberala Beach.

Because staying in the village of Nemberala, Nemberala Beach is the one I visit the most. The coastline is quite long, with soft, comfortable white sand. Like other beaches, coconut trees line the coast. Nemberala Beach was visited by President Joko Widodo or Jokowi in 2018.

When Jokowi, The President of Indonesian visited Nemberala Beach with his wife

Besides having beautiful white sand, Nemberala Beach is famous as one of the places to surf or surf. The wave of waves that attract surfers from abroad is a hundred meters from the beach where our lodging is located. The gently sloping beach has quite a wide coral, which limits the large waves from the coast. Therefore, the waves that arrive at the coast are not large.

Every rainy season in August-October, in Nemberala Beach and the surrounding beaches, surfing events are usually held regionally and regionally. In those months, Nemberala Beach will be crowded by surfers from various countries. This May, I saw a number of foreign tourists coming and surfing in Nemberala.

Nemberala beach is a beautiful beach in NTT Province

Because it is on the west coast, the right time to visit is in the afternoon while enjoying the atmosphere of the sunset. However, visiting Nemberala Beach in the morning is no less interesting. Shady atmosphere we can enjoy because the sun is still blocked by coconut trees, while enjoying the activities of local residents.

We can see the fishing boats on the beach, or see farmers planting seaweed by placing them on ropes that have been tied at both ends to wooden pegs. We can also see residents drying the seaweed harvest. (*)

Written by: Emild kadju

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